Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Only in Buddhahood is there contentment; all other forms if contentment are just consolations just illusions, created by the mind.

To live constantly in discontent is so painful that the mind creates illusions of contentment; those illusions keep people going, they help people. If you take away all the illusions, a person will not have any reason to live for even a single moment more. They are needed. In unawareness illusions are a must, because through illusions we create pseudo-meanings in life, and naturally until the real has happened, we have to go on creating these pseudo meanings. When we become fed up with one pseudo meaning, we create another. We become fed up with money, move into politics; we get fed up with politics and move into something else. Even socalled religion is nothing but a subtle illusion.

The real religion has nothing to do with so-called religions-- Christianity, Hinduism, Islam. The real religion is the shattering of all illusions. It is to live in discontent, in deep suffering, in utter pain, and to search for the real thing.

The path is of great pain and only a few attain, because, in the first place, people can't start out on it. In the first place, they can't accept the pain of life-but that pain is the source of all growth. Seeing the naked truth of it all-not avoiding, not escaping, looking into it through and through-that is the beginning of intelligence, the beginning of mindfulness, the beginning of awareness.


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